All personal information supplied through inquiries and other interactions shall be managed in strict accordance with the Personal Information Management Regulations described below, and shall be used for no other purpose than handling inquiries.


Article 1. Aim of the Regulations

These Regulations set forth requirements regarding the handling of personal information held by the Stem Cell Evaluation Technology Research Association (“SCA”).


Article 2. Personal Information Covered by these Regulations

The personal information covered by these Regulations is as follows.

(1) Personal information concerning SCA employees

(2) Personal information concerning members of SCA and their employees

(3) Personal information concerning persons involved in activities performed by SCA


Article 3. Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is defined as follows.

(1) Age, sex, address, date of birth, telephone number, or any other information that can be used to identify an individual

(2) Documents and recordable media that contain personal information


Article 4. System of Management

1. SCA shall appoint a Personal Information Manager to take responsibility for the management of personal information.

2. The Personal Information Manager noted in the preceding clause shall be the Managing Director of SCA.


Article 5. Management of Information

Personal information shall be subject to the following management.

(1) Personal information shall not be used for purposes other than in pursuit of SCA’s aims as stipulated in Article 1 of SCA’s articles of incorporation.

(2) Personal information shall not be accessed by anyone other than the Personal Information Manager, website administrators, and persons in charge of SCA activities.

(3) The persons with authority to access personal information noted in the preceding clause shall take responsibility for its management.

(4) Duplication, transmission, and removal from premises of personal information shall require permission from the Personal Information Manager.

(5) Persons who copy personal information to portable media, etc. shall obtain the approval of the Personal Information Manager and take responsibility for managing the information.

(6) In order to prevent leakage of personal information due to computer viruses, anti-virus software shall be used and no unnecessary software shall be downloaded.

(7) Anti-theft measures shall be taken for computers and other devices.

(8) When taking computers and other devices off premises, sufficient measures shall be taken to ensure security.

(9) When outsourcing work, clauses concerning the appropriate handling of information shall be included in the contract.


Article 6. Revision and Abolishment

Revision to and abolishment of these Regulations shall be decided by a resolution by the SCA Steering Committee.


Supplementary Provision 1.

These Regulations shall be effective as of August 1, 2011