Scope of Business

Scope of Business

The Stem Cell Evaluation Technology Research Association (SCA) aims for implementation of experiment and research for development of evaluation technologies for practical use of human stem cells in cooperation with members participating in SCA. It also aims for improvement of technology levels of the members and implementation of the business for practical applications.

It conducts the following activities to accomplish its aims.

  • (1) To perform the development of evaluation technologies for practical use of human stem cells on behalf of members
  • (2) To manage the results of activities mentioned in the preceding item on behalf of members
  • (3) To perform technical guidance for members
  • (4) To allow members to use its facilities for their experiment and research.
  • (5) The activities incidental to those mentioned in the preceding items


In this AMED project develops the basic technology required for an evaluation system that assesses the safety or pharmacokinetics of pipeline compounds by using differentiated
cells of various organs derived from iPS cells, and aims to accelerate the utilization of those differentiated cells for drug discovery. More specifically, the project aims to establish a foundation for social implementation of technology by culturing the cells of various organs with the use of advanced cultural techniques such as threedimensional culture or cocultivation, by developing a system in which those cells are cultivated on devices such as chips, and by establishing a technology that can evaluate the safety or pharmacokinetics of
compounds on the device. While we are defining the development process and goals, we also will enhance the viability and effectiveness of the project by taking needs from users such as pharmaceutical companies into consideration.

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